Thursday, August 2, 2012

Please Help My Friend

I am posting this, my friends, to ask you to please help a dear friend of mine (i am keeping her name anonymous) who is suffering and in need.

To give you a bit of her story: she is my age, lives in Florida, and has suffered with PGAD --the same disorder I have-- for about 16 years, except in her case, she has PGAD nearly every day, with short-to-no breaks, and it has taken it's toll on her.

Unfortunately, she doesn't have much of a support system, except me and the PGAD on-line group. Both of her parents passed away in the past 7 years, and she is unable to work because of this condition, just like most women --myself included-- who suffer with PGAD cannot hold a job.

Her medicaid recently ran out, so seeing her doctor, or paying for her medications has been next to impossible. She even found a nerve specialist in her area who might actually be able help her, but the nerve tests alone are over $4,000.

My friend is a Christian, but is unable to attend church, and unfortunately, her local Christian friends do not understand this disorder and how she suffers, which is a terrible shame.

I am turning to you, my dear friends, to ask if you would help encourage her --to see that people, and God-- really do care about her, so I am raising support for her for the month of August.

If you'd like to help, there are two ways:

1) I currently have everything in my Etsy store on sale, and all of the proceeds will go to my friend.

For instance, if you pay $10.00 plus shipping, my friend gets the entire $10, and Jeremy told me he feels led to match whatever sells in the store.

In my Etsy store are vintage items as well as my handmade art pendants and other items. I will be listing more items in the next week.

You can visit my Etsy store here: Gathering Heather

2) Or, if you would prefer to simply donate, even if it is just a few dollars, you can do so at the link below:

Thank you so very much! My friend is going to be so grateful and moved by your generosity!

Please keep her in your prayers, asking God to continue to give her strength and show her His love!

Much love,