Monday, March 19, 2012


I am always surprised to find out who has or has not seen the television interviews I have been in, or read the various on-line articles that my fellow PGAD friends and I have been in.

For instance, I recently tried to get in touch with my old OB/GYN doctor, but could only get a hold of her OB/GYN partner, who told me that neither one has seen me, or any other program on tv about PSAS/PGAD.

Same goes with the Women's Health center I recently visited, where the gynecologist told me she has never seen or read anything about PGAD, and said to me, "You probably know more about it than I do."

But the nurse practitioner out in the country has seen me on television several times, but the Pain doctor I am currently seeing has never seen any or read any of the articles.

My goal in doing the interviews and articles was to not only reach out to women, who, like me, thought they were the only woman in the world suffering from this tormenting disorder, but also to make the medical community more aware of it and to research it further. The latter is not quite there yet, but they have at least now "heard" of PGAD.

In case you have yet to see or read them, I am posting some of them below. PLEASE feel free to fwd them to your friends, esp anyone you know of in the medical profession. I wish I had access to the entire 2nd episode of 20/20, but cannot find it on their site, just the preview, which is good, but the entire show was very informative.

Please note that both the 20/20 videos begin w/ showing a scene from Grey's Anatomy with a female patient who has spontaneous orgasms. This is NOT the case with the majority of PGAD sufferers. It's very rare, in fact.

So anyway, here are a few links I'd appreciate you seeing and reading, and at the bottom is the Amazon link to the book that both Jeremy and I are in, which contains the info from the 2nd 20/20 interview.

First 20/20:
(at this website link above there are more news videos of other women with PGAD you should also watch.)
Second 20/20:

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in case video doesn't appear here's the link:

Fox News Article:

Never Satisfied: The Curse of Persistent Sexual Arousal SyndromeWritten By Jessica Ryen Doyle
Published April 23, 2008

MSNBC article:

MSNBC: Always aroused: A good thing gone awry

And finally, the book. we're in chapter two:

My second nerve block is tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes in a few days. Last nerve block it was sore at the sight of injection and coming off the anesthesia gave an awful headache that lasted about 3 days. Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming!