Sunday, March 4, 2012

List of Dr's and Meds over 17 years

Dear Friends,

Some of you have made suggestions for different kinds of drugs or doctors for my PGAD, which is very kind, so I figured I'd just create a list (below) to let you know what kinds of dr's I've seen and medications I have tried. I made a similar list for my own Pain Physician, and this last time I saw him he said, "It pretty much seems like we've exhausted all prescription medications that might help you." I most certainly agree.

Some of you have also suggested I see nutritionists and chiropractors, and I truly want to, and plan on doing so once the PGAD gets under control again. Trust me, I am active on the PGAD support group board, and read up on all the different approaches these women take. Many have seen nutritionists, and seen little-to-no results. Some have also seen acupuncturists, but to the ones who have, that I have been in personal contact with, it has made it worse for them, because for these women, even someone stroking their arm can bring on their PGAD.

I've heard a lot about acupuncture from some of you too, and I have had acupuncture done several times in my life, but it was before my PGAD. I do believe that acupuncture is wonderful for some disorders, but it not a cure-all. It did not help my father, but made his symptoms worse. Why? Because the nerve sheaths IN HIS SKIN were breaking off and disintegrating, so sticking needles in those already burning, breaking-off nerves might not be a good idea, right? If you read up on Small Fiber Neuropathy, as I have done for years since he passed, and read the testimonies of many suffering w/out help from their doctors (the stories sound so similar to those on the PGAD board it is astounding) acupuncture has not helped any of the sufferers.

I do not want to hurt any one's feelings, honestly, because I know all of your suggestions have been well-meaning and come from a place of love and concern, and I appreciate that, I truly do.
The truth of the matter is, I am currently doing all I can to get through a day, but right now my life is debilitated by chronic PGAD and back pain, which causes me anxiety and depression, so much so that for the past month I've barely been able to keep house or even go food shopping. So signing up for a yoga class, or going to see a chiropractor, nutritionist or acupuncturist that may or may not bring me relief for 5 or so months is beyond what I am currently capable of doing. I need relief. Now. I hope you will not judge me for being so weak. I'm praying and fighting thru each day with all the grace that He gives me, and I am going down the path that I feel (and hope) He is leading me on, which seems to be with this very compassionate and pro-active pain physician.

If the pain physicians options do not work, then, I promise I will try out alternative methods, and if the pain physicians options do work, I still want to see a chiropractor and nutritionist because I want to be in optimum health so I can live a full and happy life.

In any case, here's the list I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, just so you can get an idea of who I've seen, and what I've tried:

1) Types of doctors I have seen over the past 17 years, and in each field (except psycho-therapist and chiropractor) I have seen at least two or more of:

-social worker/counselor
-christian counselor/therapist
-general practitioner
-nurse practitioner
-and currently, a pain physician

2) The following are the medications/therapies I have been prescribed over the past 17 years, the last 12 have been prescribed over the past year, and the bottom six I am currently on, although the doctor has me weaning off the Topamax:

-Female Labia Swell Spot
-Detrol LA
-Lidocaine patches

Okay, now, I hate to have to bring back my "blog-comment rules" that I had in place last year, but I see now, for my own emotional well-being, I must, so please read the following and respect it.

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