Wednesday, March 7, 2012

yesterday's caudal block

before the caudal block, they did sedate me, but i was not "OUT". darnit! the nurse said for a caudal block they don't put their patients completely under sedation so the doctor can communicate with me during the procedure.

when in the operating room, the dr pulls up the x-ray machine and says to me, "SOOO, you have broken your TAIL-BONE before???" "UM, NO!" I reply. "Well, you have either broken it in the past --it's quite severe-- or you have a malformation. I will take pics of it now to show you after the procedure."

The caudal injection itself was not so bad, but the medicine going in burned like hot acid.

After being wheeled out into recovery, the dr showed Jeremy and i the pics of my tail-bone (kinda like those pics from an ultra-sound) but i was still sedated and did not have my glasses on, so they just looked to me like pics of a weird shaped moon.

The doctor told Jeremy a tail-bone should come to a curved end, but mine looked like it had been sawed-off. now my question is: HOW THE HELL DID THE LOCAL HOSPITAL RADIOLOGISTS NOT NOTICE OR INCLUDE THIS IN THEIR REPORT WHEN I HAD MY (2) PELVIC MRI's BACK IN SEPT 2011??? (BTW, this is not the same place that did my 3 MRI's last month that were ordered by the Pain Physician that did my caudal yesterday. The 3 MRI's last month did not include my pelvis, but from my above my hips to my neck.)

OH, but trust me, when i'm feeling better i'm going to be ALL OVER THAT out-of-pocket $4,000 MRI done at the local hospital, b/c this is not the first doctor to say their MRI's were lacking!!! A doctor from Rutgers was the first to say it, and i have it in black and white to prove it!

today i feel like i have a hangover/flu (which they said is due to the morphine mix sedation), and my upper butt hurts. so far, i feel no difference/effect from the caudal on my PGAD, but they said it can take up to 3-5 days to see results. i will let you know if/when i see results.

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